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Aleksandar Milenović

Assist Prof Aleksandar Milenović, MD, PhD was born in Osijek, Croatia where he graduated from elementary and high school. He moved to Zagreb to study medicine and graduated with top marks in 1994. The fine structures of the head and neck became a complete challenge for Dr Milenović who decided to specialise in maxillofacial surgery. Parallel to this, he also completed a plastic and reconstructive head and neck surgery specialisation.

He obtained his master’s degree from the University of Zagreb, School of Dental Medicine with the thesis on Nervous dysfunction after neck dissection. He obtained his doctorate 7 years later also from the University of Zagreb, School of Dental Medicine with the thesis on Sentinel biopsy in the oral cavity tumour.

His furthered his education, at both the theoretical and practical levels, in the world’s top plastic surgery centres in New York, Glasgow, London, and Vienna.

Today, he is not only a successful physician, but also a professor at the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at the Faculty of Dental Medicine and a member of the Croatian Society for Maxillofacial, Plastic and Reconstructive Head and Neck Surgery and the European Society for Craniomyaxo-Facial Surgery.

He regularly shares his knowledge at specialised world conferences. He has participated as a lecturer in more than 100 domestic and world congresses. He is fluent in English and German.

He is happy to be able to save lives in the Clinical Hospital Dubrava in the morning and apply his knowledge and experience at Imed Polyclinic in the afternoons. For him, work is a creative challenge that results in the pleasure of every patient.

How to shape beautiful lips?

The shape and fullness of the lips have a significant role in facial aesthetics and outward appearance. The corrective needs of a patient can range from a subtle enhancement to a complete recontouring, including correction of perioral rhytides. A comprehensive understanding of the lower face anatomical features and injection site techniques is foundational information for injectors. Likewise, the choice of filler material contributes to the success of the injection techniques used and facilitates a safe, effective, and natural-appearing outcome.

Lip Filler Masterclass Course
Lip Anatomy
  • Facial Nerves, Perioral Musculature and vascularity
Consultation and Assessment
  • Examination
  • Shape / Symmetry / Projection
  • Patient selection
  • Establish Realistic Expectations
Anaesthesia and Maintaining Patient Comfort
Treatment Areas and Injection Techniques
  • Lip Border definition
  • Lip Body enhancement
  • Cupid’s Bow lift
  • Lip Pout volumisation
  • Vectoring/Tenting
  • Contouring
  • Happy smile / upturned corners
Recommended Dermal Fillers Available for Lip Augmentation
Live injection demo
  • Moderator: Željana Bolanča
  • Live Lip injection demo – Aleksandar Milenović
  • Moderator: Aleksandar Milenović
  • Live Lip injection demo – Željana Bolanča
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