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Anja Baraba

Anja Baraba was born in Split, Croatia where she finished her primary and secondary schooling. She graduated from the School of Dental Medicine, the University of Zagreb in 2006. During her studies, she won three dean’s awards, two national scholarships, state scholarships for talented students and “Top scholarships for top students”. She has been working at the Department of Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry since 2008 as a research novice. She defended her dissertation in 2011 and completed her specialisation in endodontics and restorative dentistry in 2013. In 2014 she became an assistant professor, and in 2019 an associate professor. She is the director of courses at various levels of academic education at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb. She has actively participated in several scientific projects. She authored six chapters in handbooks 55 scientific and professional articles and has actively participated in numerous domestic and international congresses. She is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine, the Croatian Society for Minimal Interventional Dental Medicine, the Croatian Medical Association, IADR. He is the secretary of the Croatian Society for Minimal Dental Intervention. 

Direct restorations of teeth affected by trauma 

After dental trauma, it is essential to restore the lost hard dental tissues due to the potential negative impact on the patient’s physical appearance, mastication, and speech. According to available data from the literature, 92% of trauma cases in permanent dentition are fractures of the tooth crown. Traumas most often occur at a young age and represent a functional, aesthetic, and psychological problem. The choice of material and the restoration method of hard dental tissues depends on the size of the injury, the patient’s age and medical and dental status. Modern composite materials allow a minimally invasive approach to direct restorations after dental trauma. The lecture will highlight the materials and possibilities for making restorations after dental trauma with a presentation of clinical cases. Participants will make direct restorations in the front region with composite materials on plastic jaw models during the practical course. 

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