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Hrvoje Manola

Hrvoje Manola was born in Rijeka, where he graduated in 1991 as a dental technician at the Medical School in Rijeka. Until 1995, he gained work experience in various dental laboratories in Rijeka. He then opened his private practice, the dental laboratory HRVOJE MANOLA (MANOLAB), specialising in the field of aesthetic fixed prosthetics. In his laboratory, he uses Cad Cam and 3D Print technology. He has tried out all of the worlds ceramic systems — there are around ten in use in his laboratory, for which he claims they are his favourite toys. He usually chooses Vita because he considers it the safest choice! He furthered his education at the Master Courses of the worlds greatest masters and received the most professional individual help from a colleague and friend, Mr. Slavko Brkič. Since 2000 he has been a member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine. He is also certified by VITA Zahnfabrik GmbH., Bad Sackingen, Germany, as their official demonstrator for all VITA veneering materials. He was one of the technicians involved in developing their new product, metal-free Lumex ceramics. In more than 25 years of his professional career, he has produced more than 10000 crowns and bridges for satisfied patients. He published articles in several professional journals and regularly gives professional lectures in Croatia and abroad. In 2016 he opened his dental practice Manola Aesthetics, where he focuses on highly aesthetic prosthetic rehabilitation with minimally invasive treatment and, of course, happy patients. 

A boutique approach in a low-cost country

What it’s like to be a dental technician: 

– when you set your own deadlines for finishing the restoration you’re working on? 

– when the patient can come in the lab for a consult as many times as necessary? 

– when all the prints and mills are top-notch? 

– when you have the privilege to finish one work before you start working on the next? 

– when you don’t work on weekends? 

– when your labour is priced exactly as it should be? 

– when the face bow is used every single time? 

The answers to all of the above questions, with a lot of talk about high-level aesthetics, will be given at Aesthetic Dental Moment. 

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