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Kübel Özkut

Dr. Kübel Özkut graduated from Istanbul University Dentistry Faculty in 1996. She is an associate of Dr. Galip Gurel, practicing specifically on estetic and digital dentistry. Since 2009 she is the clinic director of Acıbadem Health Group, Dental Department of Maslak Hospital. Dr. Ozkut got her MBA degree from Yeditepe University, Institute of Graduate Studies in Social Sciences, Master of Business Administration-with concentration in Healthcare Management in 2003. She gives consultations and lectures on Management of Health Organizations via the concept she created “13 Golden Methods”. She received her master degree from Siena University, on Sience Program on Esthetic Dentistry and Digital Dentistry. She became Adjunct Professor of Business and Administration in the Faculty of the School of Dental Medicine  and in the Faculty of Residency Master Program in “Prosthodontics Sciences” at the Siena University, Italy. She is visiting lecturer at Acıbadem University,Istanbul. Dr. Kübel Ozkut is president of EDAD (Turkish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry) and scientific committee member of EADD (European Academy of Digital Dentistry). Active member of CADA (Computer Aided Dentistry Academy) , TOID (Turkish Oral Implantology Association), member of  EAO (Europian Academy Of Osseointegration) and ESCD (European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry).

Effective Communication for Success

As the importance that the media, the society and patients give on appearence has accelerated, more and more attention has been given to esthetic dentistry.  Though the enhancement of facial beauty is one of the primary goals of patients seeking elective dental care, their expectations may exceed beyond this.In most cases perception of a beautiful smile seems to reflect a certain style of living and patients charactheristic features play a huge impact on their expectations. This is why the final esthetic results may fail to meet the patient’s expectations due to disharmony between the smile design and the patient’s personality. On the other hand,  the latest developments in dental materials’ and new technologies like digital dentistry has affected predictability of dental treatments that was never imaginable before. Designing a new smile consists of many steps which are so very important and if followed right, teams accomplish success. Based on these informations, we can say major component for the success stands out as “communication”. The key to the esthetic excellence requires patient communication as well as the communication in between the team-including the dentist, specialist and laboratory. This lecture emphasizes the effect of ultimate communication to create smile designs and treatment plans  that should match with the patient’s functional, biological and emotional needs.