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Mario Pace

Mario Pace was born in Naples in 1968. After obtaining his dental technician qualification from Ipsia Miano Napoli in 1986, he started working in different dental laboratories in Italy (Mirabella and Castello laboratories Naples) and Germany (Lab.Lubberich Dentaltechnik Koblenz, Ecker Dachsenhausen, Endres Weiß Frankfurt, to name a few). He has also worked as the technical director of several dental laboratories in Germany (laboratory Dr. Friedrich Koblenz, Kirchberg Andernach Kimmel Zahntechnik). From Nov 2020 he serves as the technical manager of Eckzahn Meister Dental Labor B. Unkelbach Lahnstein. He has attended and was trained alongside worldrenowned names, including Enrico Steger, Jochen Peters, S. Witkowski, M. Manaresi and B. Thievant. He serves as an Opinion Leader for the Dentsply Sirona company. He is an active member of ESCD. He has led courses on the aesthetics of the upper and lower incisors and regularly speaks at conferences and symposia in and outside Europe, and has authored articles for trade journals. 

The fantastic world of all-ceramic

In my speech at the congress in Croatia (Zadar) I will talk about the use of all-ceramic materials in everyday life.

Choice of Pelletts when using pressed ceramic.

Tips and tricks for masking discolored stumps.

Platinum Leaf Technique for Solving No Prep Cases!

Layering technique with the use of opal materials!

Vision of different cases!

The fantastic world of all-ceramic – Master Class

Date: May 5-6, 2022

Venue: Nexus Dental, Ul. Svetog Vinka Paulskog 32, Zadar


In modern society, aesthetics are a factor that increasingly dominates our way of being in everyday life, and an intact smile suggests positivity and dynamism to the interlocutor. It goes without saying that the demand in this sector is continuously growing, also favoring the search for new technological solutions and the production of new materials with optical qualities that are close to natural teeth. Among these materials we must mention Celtra, a lithium silicate reinforced with 10% zirconium, a material that, due to its characteristics, is suitable for everyday use to restore an aesthetic smile to be used in our daily work process.


The purpose of this course is to make the best use of this material by exploiting its dynamism in the diffusion of light. We will learn how to choose the best pellets and ceramic masses and reproduce teeth that result in the shape, light and surface a perfect substitute for permanent dentition. We will learn to copy the shapes of the teeth and to give a natural shine suitable for the wear of the enamel.

What we will do:

Two 11-21 crowns one on a Zirconium  cap and one on Celtrapress cap!

How to choose the color in a standardized way by establishing the chroma and its intensity and the value !

We will layering mainly using the opalescent materials

The first day:

Theory: Opalescence, chroma, value, translucency, transparency, characteristics of the material we will use Small visual display of cases solved with the technique we are going to use Individualization of the copings and first layering firing of the teeth 11-21

Second day:

Correction firing (shape)

Form processing

Surface structure

Mechanical polishing

Final discussion, evaluation of the works

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