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Robert Pongrac

Robert Pongrac is a dental technician from Zagreb. After graduating from dental school, he worked in several private laboratories and dental clinics. He gains experience and knowledge in dental technology and dentistry through work and continuous education in his professional field and beyondHe opened his private dental laboratory in 2015. Since 2019, he has been an expert associate of Interdent. He is an opinion leader for VITA Zahnfabrik (Germany), and Croatian dental technicians chairperson since 2019 for ESCD. He leads courses in the field of dental waxing, ceramics and photography. His works can be found in professional journals in Croatia and abroad. He is active on social networks and is happy to share his knowledge with colleagues. He expresses himself artistically through painting and photography and is an award-winning dental technician, photographer and painter. 

Aestetics in the anterior dentition

The goal of each of the lecturers dental restorations is to achieve a natural smile. In an interesting and visually beautiful way, he will present highly aesthetic works using new materials; VITA AMBRIA and VITA LUMEX AC ceramics. The lecture will touch on many topics from art, photography and colour to aesthetics. 

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