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Stefan M. Roozen

In 1995 he began his training as a dental technician, graduating in 1999 in Salzburg (Austria). In 2001 he started at Pils Zahntechnik GmbH where he still works today as laboratory manager and deputy of the management. In 2002, he attended the master programme at the Academy of dental technology in Vienna (Austria), where he graduated in 2003 as a master. His main areas of work are complex prosthetic reconstruction (tooth and implant supported), demanding restorations in the aesthetic and functional area. He is the author of several worldwide publications, external speaker at the Austrian master school, speaker at international course- and congress events focusing on fixed reconstructions, ceramic, implantology, prosthetics and CAD-CAM, GC Europe KOL and member of GC Initial Inner circle.

Aesthetic possibilities with modern all-ceramics

Today’s all-ceramic materials offers us exceptional possibilities for the vivid reproduction of the natural tooth without great effort. Especially lithium-disilicate and translucent zirconia give us perfect opportunities to combine aesthetics and efficiency without compromise.
The lecture will present on base of clinical issues how highly aesthetic results can be achieved through different approaches, from monolithic to layering technique. Shows high-end aesthetic with the GC Initial-LiSi System and new ways of working with GC Initial IQ ONE SQIN.



– clinical application

– Ingot selection

– Staining technique and characterization

– Cut-back technique and internal customization

– Natural analogue layering technique

– Micro layering technique

– Shade matching



Initial LiSi Press, Initial LiSi Ceram, Initial LiSi Block, Initial IQ ONE SQIN, Initial IQ ONE Lustre Pastes, Initial Spectrum Stains

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